Right to Membership

Article 6 – Association has 2 types of membership:

a) Actual membership: People have the ability to use civil rights, completed 18 years of age, adopted the purposes and principles of association, has the certificate of expertise or master/Ph.D. diploma; current students of expertise, master or Ph.D. education in the related fields, citizens of Turkish Republic or foreign nationals have residence permit can be the actual member of association. Natural and legal person who is in service of the association’s purposes also has the right to become member of the association. Memberships of the foreign naturals will be terminated once their residence permits end.

b) Honorary Membership: People doesn’t qualify the requirements to become an actual member or potentially contribute to the purposes and effectiveness of the association, has the ability to use civil rights, completed 18 years of age, can be the honorary members with the decision of management board. Honorary members don’t have the right to select or to be elected in associations body and haven’t been obliged to pay the annual fee of association.

Applications which qualifies the requirements to become an actual or honorary member are approved by the decision of Management Board. Accepted applicants are recorded to the membership entry.  Applications which aren’t approved, are announced within 30 days.

To become the actual member of our association:

Please click the link to access the actual membership form  (The form is entry input allowed. You can print out the form after the filling)

Bank account opened in behalf of Turkish Bioethics Association:
Türkiye İş Bankası, Ibni Sina Branch
Branch Code: 4364
Account Number: 0103409
IBAN: TR34 0006 4000 0014 3640 1034 09

Please pay the entrance fee (150 TL) and annual fee (150 TL) in total 300 TL and send the bank receipt with 2 photographs, photocopy of identity card and actual membership form to the association’s address.